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As Fanblair is a working farm you will get to view many of the farming activities taking place during your stay at Ardblair.

Since 2015

Our Story

Fanblair Farm bought in 2015 from its previous owners has a long history with generations of people having lived and worked the land.

Historically the higher parts of the farm were noted on old drawings as part of Ardblair Farm and lower parts knows as Fanblair farm.

Within both these areas there were crofts split between them with up to 8 different families living here at one time.

Nowadays the farm is one big unit totalling 407 acres with a mix of temporary grass, permanent pasture/rough grazing and a large area recently planted with young trees.

After trying different ways to operate the farm with an initial large flock of blackface sheep and a herd of commercial cattle it was decided to disperse all sheep and go for a smaller native cow better suited to the land here at Fanblair that could be outwintered in an area of woodland we leave ungrazed all summer.

After much discussion and looking at various options it was decided that the luing cow was the ideal fit for the farm and so the Fanblair herd of pedigree luing was established in 2018.

We look forward to our first crop of pedigree luing calves bred at Fanblair due in 2021 which will be by our luing bull Harehead Sumo which was a private purchase from Cadzow brothers in 2020

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Fanblair Farm, Kiltarlity, Beauly, IV47HT Scotland


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